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Rehearsal Space

The studio serves many purposes. As well as recording and video, it can also be utilised for rehearsing. There is a substantial Peavey PA system

with microphones and stands, as well as sofas for added comfort and drinks.


An escape from reality.

As the studio is situated in a rural location, there is a wonderful sense of isolation from the outside world. Once the interior doors are pulled shut, there is no awareness of the outside world. Just you, your band mates and your instruments. Perfect for rehearsing, writing or just chilling out.

Marks Hall-1214.jpg

Backline Provided

Leave those heavy cabs and drum shells at home, everything you need can be provided. Just bring breakables and amp heads. Of course if you want to bring your whole set up, that's fine too!

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Solo Sessions

For many people practising at home is not an option (especially drummers!).

Book a solo session in the live room to

have a bash on the kit, dial in your tone and enjoy making noise complaint free.



Band rehearsals cost £40 for 4 hours (backline included). Solo sessions are £20 for 2 hours. Drinks available for £1. All sessions are subject to availability. To book a session, drop me an email!

Book a session

Drop me an email

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